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Honda Lead 110

Year of specifications 2008
Engine 108 cc single cyl 4 stroke
Horsepower 8.8 hp @ 7500 rpm
Gearbox / Transmission automatic / v-belt
Max speed -
Seat height 740 mm
Weight 114 kgs

Review by: by Ashley:
I have had mine 6 months now and it is an excellent little machine for my work. With quick acceleration and a top speed of 52mph. Very low maintenance and good ride makes this a great first scooter/bike.

Very few problems with it, the only one being a slow start when it got to -7 degrees and the indicator froze on once. Fuel consumption is OK, it costs 4.50 to fill which lasts me a week or so on my 6 miles a day. Storage is excellent with plenty of space under the seat. Ride quality is good plus comfy which is a bonus.


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