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Honda SH125i

Year of specifications 2006
Engine 125 cc single cyl 4 stroke
Horsepower 13 hp @ 9000 rpm
Gearbox / Transmission auto / belt
Max speed -
Seat height 790 mm
Weight 120 kgs

Review by: by Roger Coffin
Honda SH125i (2005 model): Just remember it's only 125cc, and in that context it's really very impressive. I tested it well on a recent 1,300mile journey to Scotland from Southampton. You cruise at 55/60 mph and therefore average 35 mph on ordinary roads allowing brief stops for petrol and map reading. Motorway travel is possible (just boring) and you usually find a 60mph lorry to tandem (NOT tailgate) with.

The SH125i's a scooter so sitting space is a bit limited but not bad and there are more options for putting feet than on a bike so you can travel with reasonably straight legs for a change. When loaded up with touring kit you're not going to fall over with it. The Honda SH125i averaged 115mpg, and there's no chain for anyone to complain about oil from, and with 16" wheels it handles remarkably. The suspension has limited travel so avoid big holes (keeps the concentration up and gives following drivers something to ponder over).

The Honda SH125i's fuel tank holds 7.5 litres and if you trust the 115mpg I got, then 175 miles leaves half a litre (12.5 miles) for misjudging something (not bad). The Honda screen is strong but needs cutting to height (don't try looking through it). Services are 2,500miles and cost just over £100 from a Honda dealer. A side stand would be nice. I was very impressed when bought new. Now, 15 months and 7,500 miles later, still am.

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