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Kawasaki Versys

Year of specifications 2007
Engine 649 cc, DOHC parallel twin
Transmission 6-speed, chain
Top speed -
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 71 hp @ 8500 rpm (est)
Weight -
Seat height -

The Kawasaki Versys is the replacement for the Kawasaki KLE 500. The 649cc parallel twin engine is taken from the new ER-6n with adjustments made to provide more torque at lower rpms.


Review by: anonymous
I have a 2007 Kawasaki Versys and have the very same annoying vibration noise in the front at about 3,000 rpm. What makes me mad is the buzzing coming from the cheap plastic around the dash. Great bike to ride but the vibrating noise is unbearable.

Review by: anonymous
I have a 2008 Kawasaki Versys and have the very same annoying vibration noise in the front at about 3,000 rpm. What really makes me unhappy with Kawasaki (that is the dealers I've talked to) is the fact that everyone seems to know about this problem except them. Seems as if they don't want to fix anything under warranty.

I've owned several bikes from a 1939 Triumph 5TA Speed Twin to an RC30. I had another issue as well and it seemed as though the service department did not want to do anything about it.

Right now I have to wait till next week to find out if Kawasaki knows about the vibration problem themselves. This will help make a decision on the next bike I buy.

Review by: anonymous
I gave up a V Star 650 for the 2008 Kawasaki Versys. “Wow”, I have no regrets! "This bike is a blast”! It’s fast, nimble, and the seat, & seating position are very comfortable for all day rides. Go down and take one for a test ride, "you won't be sorry". As for any women thinking about getting a bike, "don't be scared off by some of the reviews, about the bike being too tall". I have been riding a Versys for a year now, and I have "never" had a problem reaching the ground, and I am 5'5"! It is a "absolute must” to include the Versys in your test rides before you make your final decision to buy a bike. "I guarantee you'll love it".


Review by: R.E.
I have recently purchased a Kawasaki Versys, after riding it for 2 months I find that the bike has a lot of vibration at around 3000 revs which is extremely annoying. I informed the dealer about it on its first service but, the problem is still there. This is my first Kawasaki and if they are happy to produce and sell a bike that vibrates so much then I am not impressed.

I think the Kawasaki Versys would have been better with a little more power, possibly a 750 motor would have been more suitable for this type of bike which is obviously designed for 2 up and has all the matching luggage to go with it if you wish.

The bike is very comfortable to ride but it is very high and would not be suitable for the shorter rider, I am 6 foot tall and I am on my tip-toes when stopped.

Overall, the Kawasaki Versys has some good points and is fun to ride on the bends but, too many annoying things for me and I don't think it will be long before I trade back to a Suzuki or Honda again.



Review by: anonymous
I am a new owner of the Versys, and I couldn't be more happy with this bike. It's very comfortable, lightweight, and (for a 650) grunty. Wheelies only require a small amount of cluch. It could use a little up top but it has no problem pulling 3 digits. The styling is incredible, Euro taste for sure. Cheers.


Review by: anonymous
Coming off a Yamaha VStar 650, to a Kawasaki Versys 650 I bought over labor day weekend 2007 and I love it! This bike rocks, and is a blast to ride! I am female, 5' 5", with a 32" inseam, and the cockpit fit’s me perfectly, but is a little cramped for a 5'10" man. The Versys is quiet, nimble, and well balanced, making it feel light and manageable, but it’s heavy enough not be blown around. The power is there for the asking, and I got the front wheel off the ground in third gear, but the 650 cc engine isn't "crazy fast".

There is a little high frequency buzzyness in the foot pegs, and mildly in the handle bars while in the lower gears, but it mostly disappears in the higher gears, and I don't find it bothersome. The wind shield is only mildly helpful even in the high position, and because of my neck problems, I found 55 to be the limit of helpfulness, so I will be adding the larger version Givi offers. I found the Kawasaki Versys handles uneven pavement extremely well, and the ride is very comfortable. Passenger accommodations are good, and the extra weight doesn't seem to take away much corning ability. The bike is tall, but there are pre load adjustments you can make on the rear spring and in the front forks to lower the height a bit. (Kawasaki addresses this by offering a 50mm-lower gel seat as an OEM accessory). If you can find one, it lowers the seat about one inch.

Review by: Ben
Ive been running the Versys for 4 months now and I have to say its THE BEST all around bike out there.

If you want street bike looks and power, you got it.
Dual purpose ability, you got it.
All day comfort, you got it.
Sport touring, you got it.

Im 300 pounds and its difficult for me keep the front in down at times.

Factory listed specs are misleading. Its a strong performer.

The buzz people complain of is real. It's a motorcycle. It's also a parallel twin. It's a normal vibration for a non isolated engine. I came off a Harley. You want to know what buzz is buy one.

I average 400 mile days when I go out for a ride and the Versys is a fantastic highway bike. I'm very impressed.

I added a National Cycle shield to increase wind comfort and a corbin seat for 1000 mile days. Happy Trails panniers for solid luggage and tip over protection.

This bike is a keeper.

BTW. The buzz can be fixed with 30 minutes and some foam rubber. Get over it.

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