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Kawasaki ZX10R

Year of specifications 2005
Engine 998 cc, in-line 4 cylinder
Transmission 6-speed, chain
Top speed 178 mph
0-60 MPH 3.2 seconds
Horsepower 150 hp @ 11,400 rpm
Weight 170 kg (374.9 lb)
Seat height 825 mm (32.5 in.)

Review by: TulsaT
I have only had my 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R for a couple of months now, but I've put over 1200 miles on it. I don't get to ride every weekend either. So far I love it! I did purchase a steering damper for it, as it has a tendancy to get a little hairy sometimes under hard acceleration (when the front-end gets light). It has plenty of power, I haven't had the opporunity to race anyone, yet. But I'm sure I'll be pleased when the opportunity arrives. I remember reading many reviews before I purchased this bike, saying these bikes have a "musical" engine. If musical means noisy, then I agree. You can definately hear valve-train action down there, guess I need to buy a louder pipe so I don\'t have to listen to it... Overall, I'd say it's a sweet bike, but what do I know. Winter sucks here!!! I'll spend more time looking at it than riding for the next 3 months :(

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