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Kawasaki ZX-9R

Year of specifications 1999-2002
Engine 899 cc, in-line 4 cylinder
Transmission 6-speed, chain
Top speed 166 mph
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 143 hp @ 11,000 rpm
Weight 185 kg (408 lb)
Seat height 825 mm

Since its introduction in 1994 the Kawasaki ZX-9R has undergone several major revisions. In 1998 the power was increased and weight reduced - with obvious benefits. However despite the improvements, the ZX-9R was up against the all-new Yamaha R1 and popular Honda Fireblade. Out of the three, the ZX-9R was the best for touring, but worst for power and handling.

In 2001 and 2002 further redesigns improved the ZX-9R even more. The changes included superior brakes - replacing soft 6-piston units for smaller, yet superior, 4 piston units, a stiffer frame, braced rear swingarm. The styling was also updated with headlights and air intakes borrowed from the ZX-12R.

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