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Laverda Jota 180

Year of specifications 1980
Engine 981 cc 4 stroke triple
Transmission chain
Top speed 140
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 85 hp @ 7600 rpm
Weight 216 kgs, 475 lbs
Seat height -

The Laverda Jota was originally conceived as a UK-only model based around the Laverda 3C and built by Roger Slater, a UK importer.

Laverda quickly realised the Jota was a hit and began manufacturing the bike themselves. The Laverda Jota was powered by a 981 cc inline triple. At the time the Laverda Jota was one of the fastest bikes around, it also handled well thanks to Marzocchi suspension and Brembo brakes.


Review by Dan Burt
I owned a Laverda 750 America with monoposto and long small tank. It would cover 80 miles on the freeway per tank. I added a Moto Guzzi 850 1/4 fairing and it went to 90 miles of cruising on a tank! The only problem I had with that bike was the drum brakes. There was many a time that I found them gone after the third downhill deceleration: regardless of down shifting (Germantown road in Portland OR). I would then have to trust to the transmission to accept violent stabbing of the shift lever to get it into second or first for really severe compression braking which always managed to save my and the bikes butt. The secret to salvation in turns, especially after brake fade, was to introduce corrective escape power very smoothly and gradually. This was my introduction to Laverda.

I thought about a Jota many times and finally found one for sale. On a test drive it was a dream. Smooth power and vicious acceleration combined with non-fading (compared to drum brakes) deceleration totally won me over. I just wish that my second child had waited a little longer.

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