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Piaggio NRG Power DD

Piaggio NRG Power DD

Piaggio NRG Power DD

Piaggio NRG Power DD

Piaggio NRG Power DD

Year of specifications 2006
Engine 49.4 cc single cyl 2 stroke
Horsepower 4 Hp @ 7000 RPM
Gearbox / Transmission auto CVT
Max speed -
Seat height -
Weight 99 kgs

Review by: by: Roger L.
Scooter/moped/motorcycle mechanic
Sweden - Stockholm

I Bought my first Piaggio NRG at the start of this year , 2007. I live in Sweden, so here it can reach a maximum of around 45 Km/H (they call them EU-Moped , class 1). It is better than the Yamaha AeroX since it has more room for your feet, and yes as stated by others it does have a digital dashboard, except for the rev counterr.

The suspension on the Piaggio NRG DD is rather hard. That is good.. In high speeds you want it to be hard. Brakes , on the DD model (air cooled) it comes only with one disc brake.. infront. The rear is not a disc model (drum brake) . But that's just fine.

Gearbox, the "transmission" of this moped is automatic. Called CVT. We call it Variomatic. It uses a "belt" made from kevlar and other materials , and has a clutch.

Infact it has a 2 gearboxes.. Something we could call "end gear" , and that part is connected to the rear wheel. Even this can be changed.

The "clutch" uses 6 rollers that when reaching a certain RPM they move outwards making the belts reach the "top" position. And at the rear it goes down, reaching the "end" position. So on a mountainbike with 24 gears this would be front: Gear "3" (the biggest one) , and at the rear gear "9" - the smallest one. Theese rollers can be changed. The lighter they are, the faster the bike will accelerate , the heavier , the slower.. but with a better top end speed.

I have tested many different scooters, and this one is the best one for use in a big city. It doesn't consume much fuel , it's rather silent , it's light (compared to other brands/models). And the spare parts are not so expensive.

Passenger seat and foot pegs. It has foldable fot pegs for the passenger, not many other (even more expensive) have these. But most models by Piaggio has them. Also most scooter models come with a "sissybar" (if that's what it's called), the NRG does not have one. But it is a bit wider than other scooter models, so you will still "hang on there".

Just like a car , the Piaggio NRG Power DD has a high and low beam. Only difference is that when selecting it, it changes from left to right and vice verse. Turn signals, without these, we would still hold our left arm out when turning.. Rear/Brake light. Now this is a good thing made by Piaggio! Instead of having 1 bulb that goes from time to time, they installed LED lights. Not only does this save power and light up more , you don't need to worry about changing them.

Gasoline tank. You can get far with the 5.5 litre capacity tank.

Engine and "modern electronics". First , you can start it by using the start button (electric) , or if the battery is low - the kick starter. To initialise the electric start, you have to hold one of the brakes, this is for safety.

Never run a scooter without a battery, even if it has no power!

Engine specs: 1Cylinder , 2stroke 49cc. Power: 4Hp @ 7000RPM (I found it doing more than that, but this is from the manual..)

The engine on the DD is aircooled. The air comes from a fan mounted directly on the flywheel, and using "ducts" to transport it to the cylinder. Engine type is horizontal , and has a separate oil pump (wich is connected in a way hard to describe with words!). When you twist the accelerator you also change the "position" of the oil pump mechanism, so more oil comes when more fuel comes. It is located behind the front Variator "wheel" (clutch) If you ever need to adjust it, it can easily be done without removal of the front Variator wheel (clutch). I could go in to describe how the engine works, but I feel that would be too much.

CDI / Ignition coil. CDI stands for Capacitive Discharge Ignition . This is a very advanced little "box", and it's the heart of it all. Almost like the computerboxes found in todays modern cars. It use one or more capacitors to store the energy , and this energy is than transported to the ignition coil and the sparkplug. Now they have it all built into one single "module". This is a big " - ". I should know , I work with scooters and mopeds daily... You see, if the ignition coil stops to function than it must be replaced. Usually this is a rather cheap device. However, when combined it's not. The price is around 800SEK or £80. It is also in an area hard to reach. (I am talking now about the 2007 Piaggio NRG Power DD). But then also, I have never had a customer come in and complain about that it won't start or give a spark.. Note : On the injection models from Piaggio (or any other company) there is no CDI, it use the same thing as a car - a computer box. These break, they are very, very expensive to replace. On another scooter I changed one, he had to pay almost 5000:-SEK ( around say 500 ) for that. They can however store diagnostical data , so connect it to a laptop and it can ask "what is wrong".

Some people when they "tune" their scooters they use something called "black box", this is a rev.- destricter. Other "hardcore tuners" simply remove and replace the entire flywheel and all electronics.

Carburator. A simple model. Fuel and vacuum type. The NRG doesn't have a manual "gas lock" , so the valve is operated by vacuum from the carburator to open it, and make the fuel run down the fuel line. If the NRG has not been used in a long time I recommend this: On the side almost at the bottom, there is a big screw. Open it, but don't remove it. Old fuel will leave the carburator. Now, do not use the electricstarter but kick it until it starts, don't even twist the trottle handle.

Exhaust. Since the EU made new laws, most motorcycles had to be fitted with a catalyser (don't know the spelling of the word), and so also the mopeds. Some have more advanced exhausts. Some have very simple. The NRG's exhaust is simple. It is also something that later on needs to be changed. And thank Piaggio.. It is not so expensive as other brands.

An overall test drive (by me) was made. During the morning , afternoon , night. During bad weather (rain). And I found it to be very stable during all conditions. The rearview mirrors are placed well , I see what I need to see when changing lanes etc.etc.

I would give this moped a overall score of 9/10 because of the combined CDI-Ignition coil. Thanks to Piaggio for a very nice scooter


Review by: by: Osey
I have had my Piaggio NRG Power DD 2006 for 3 days now and I am very impressed with how easy and fun it is to use. The engine performance is also very impressive doing 35mph flat out (restricted), which beats Aprilia SR50R Factory's, and de-restricted it will do around 55mph. The dashboard is cool with a standard analogue rev counter and a digital speedo that displays the time, fuel level, engine temp etc. Overall I am very impressed with this bike and would recommend it to any one who is looking for a 50cc scooter with a good performance/price ratio.

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