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RAD 01

Year 2006
Engine Ducati 749 or 999
Transmission 6 chain
Top speed -
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower -
Weight -
Seat height -

The RAD 01 is a kit bike offering from Spanish company Radical Ducati. The RAD 01 was designed by Michael Uhlarik, who also designed the 2003 Yamaha M1 MotoGP bike, and more recently the Yamaha MT-03.

Based on either a Ducati 749 or 999, the RAD 01's components bolt on using the original drill holes so the modification is fully reversible and return to stock is easy. The RAD 01 has a bigger fuel tank, 20 litres instead of 18.5, and the ram air system has been improved by repositioning the vents in the front fairing, and moving the headlights down and into the side fairings. Other changes include a redesigned tail unit and new front subframe.

The kit costs £1400 ($2450), plus the donor bike, and fitting takes only around an hour to fit, apparently.

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