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Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive

Year of specifications 2006
Engine 638 cc 2 cyl DOHC 4 stroke
Horsepower 54 hp @ 7000 rpm
Gearbox / Transmission auto and 5 speed manual / belt
Max speed -
Seat height 750 mm
Weight 244 kgs

Review by:: This is my seventh bike... I am 59 years old and have been riding off and on most
for of my life. The Burgman integrates speed, comfort, and practicality for short jaunts around town as well as touring. My only addition is a GIVI windshield which provides as much or as little protection as I want with the adjustable windshield on the Executive model. I can easily cruise at 75-80 on the interstate and I use a bungi net to hold two round leather bags on the back seat when touring. I have better range (170 - 190 miles) than I had on my HD V-ROD and better luggage capacity. Yeah... a HD to a Suzuki scooter! No heat emanating between my legs on those 90 degree days, no noise, and more nimble around town as well as less weight at stop lights. Check it out if you have an open mind... you will be pleasantly surprised.


Review by:: Whatever.. but its NOT a motorcycle.... Well.... The new "maxi-scooters" are not trying to be motorcycles in the traditional way. They are, in fact, a new concept in the world of two-wheeled transportation. Just like a Goldwing is not a sports bike, these "scooters" are in a class of their own as well. There are many characteristics that are unique and outstanding to this design. Some of these characteristics will almost seem more akin to an automobile than a motorcycle.. Most noticable is the foot-forward design, but that is just the beginning, especially with the Burgman 650 Executive.

The 650 has an easy to clean, rustproof body that protects you from the wind, rain, and road debris as well as the engine heat which just flows under the bike and not over you on those hot summer days. Need storage? You can't even see the waterproof, lighted ( for night use) underseat storage that it is enough to hold two full sized helmets ( 56 literes/14 gallons).. That's about 3 large bags of groceries. There's front storage with a DC outlet for everything from your sunglasses, maps, loose change, rain jacket to charging your cell phone or GPS. You have a full LCD display dash... rpm, fuel, water/oil temp, ABS, high beams, transmission settings, outside air temp, MPG computer and more... Dual head lights, and tail lights for exceptional day/night visability, electric adjustable windshield and folding mirrors. Anti-Lock-Brakes that secure the twin front and single rear disc brakes.

The engine provides 50+ horsepower to the transmission. Its a twin cylinder, watercooled, fuel injected 8 valve overhead cam engine that redlines about 8500rpms, and with the stock muffler, you mostly hear wind and road noise at all speeds except acceleration which has a low powerful growl... very quiet! The transmission is really the unseen marvel. You don't have to worry about shifting.. just turn the throttle and experience a seamless, computer controlled transmisson of power from engine to the wheels. If you think you can't live without the fun of pushing the engine to the max , you still can "shift" with the manual mode controls. If you are feeling the "need for speed" most people report the "power" auto mode will out perform what you can do manually. It's no wonder when you see how many variables are calculated by the "computer" to controll the variable ratio transmission. If you really push it... your milage will be in the high 30s.. if you are conservative and stay 65 - 70mph or lower, you can get in the mid 50mpg range and even higher depending on other factors. The four gallon tank will give you a reasonable range too. Well.. all this means nothing if it is not safe, dependable, and FUN to ride. Its is so practical, it can easily substitute for any four wheeled transportation. Not just a "fair weather" machine, but one you can use daily as you would your car or truck. If you enjoy the experience only two wheels can provide, you will not be disappointed. It is a such smooth, precision, powerful, comfortable, quiet experience, you will honestly look forward to any time you ride. And it has the power to easily take a pillion rider as well. Multi day/ long distance touring is common with the 650. But it is also very manueuverable in the city as well. The very low center of gravity and low seat height makes the incredible 650 lbs of bike seem more like 400 lbs. Yet this weight takes wind and road bumps better than a lighter bike. The low center of gravity also adds to it's resposiveness and controlability that all tie into the what makes this an extraordinary new concept in two wheeled transportation. It's NOT a motorcycle.. in the traditional sense. But then, those other motorcycles are NOT a Suzuki Burgman 650 executive. There is truely - nothing like it - on the road today. It may be exactly what you are looking for.


Review by: by Pat
Many folk report downsizing to the Burgman 400 after a season of riding the 650. Truly, if you put side cases on the 650 and a largish top box the scooter/bike could be mistaken for a Goldwing in a dark parking lot. And while it wouldn't be confused with a Goldwing and it's 1800cc engine while purring down an interstate, in many ways it drives the same. I do too much moving around town to have to deal with the Burgman 650's size and weight and will be downsizing to either a 400 Majesty or a 400 Burgman this next riding season. Those are WONDERFUL scooters !!

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