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1994 Suzuki RF900 R

Year of specifications 1994 - 1999
Engine 937 cc, 4 cylinder, four-stroke
Transmission 5 - speed, chain
Top speed 160 mph
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 135 hp @ 10,000 rpm
Weight 203 kg (447 lb)
Seat height 805 mm / 31.7 inches

The Suzuki RF900R first appeared in 1994. The RF900R is based around a steel beam frame offering ample rigidity, at the expense of a little extra weight.

Designed as a sports-tourer the Suzuki RF900R is equipped with firm suspension which is at its best when riding with a pillion. The four piston Nissin brakes provide more than enough stopping power for the RF900R.

Power for the Suzuki RF900R came from a liquid cooled, 937 cc, inline four cylinder providing usable power throughout the rev range.


Review by: T. Kern
Top speed is listed at 160mph, though FIM stock record is held by this bike at 162+ for one hour (and 152+ for 24 hours, including gas stops, rider and tire changes, and once running out of gas).

As a long-distance touring bike, it is near-perfect. I have owned three of these, and get very high-40s in mpg, cruising mid-70s mph.

Extremely wide, smooth, and useful powerband. From just under 2000rpm in top, the bike will accelerate smoothly to any speed you want. No soft spots in the torque curve at all.

When you want to go very fast, it's decent, especially for a 15-year-old machine. After all, it does have a lot of hp. It's flat-out faster than 'most any 600, especially at higher speeds or in throttle roll-ons; and it's comfortable, besides.

Looks? You love it or you hate it, but you always look. Enhanced by new paint and powder coat.

Brakes are good. (I did replace the front calipers with those from an early Hayabusa. However, it turns out that there's no discernible improvement in street riding; but they look cool.) Saddle and bars are set for someone about 6' or taller. I replaced seat with Corbin (heavy but comfy) and use Heli-Bars (but I understand they don't have those available any more). Galfer clutch and brake lines have a better feel (and company's customer service is superb!). Added flush turn signals (LED) and also huge "truck" rear brake/tail light, installed in rear inner fender. Yoshimura exhaust is a bit louder, but not bad at all. Modified outside running tail light sockets to take dual-filament bulbs; these now run brake and turn signals. (Some mods were made after the photo was taken. This one is a '96; I still own a '95, and also owned another '96.)

Have run old Michelins and new Conti Road Attacks (really good!) and now trying Pilot Road 2s, at my local shop's recommendation. Too early to tell on those, but I'd recommend the Continentals to anyone. Use stock size (e.g., 170-60 rear) tires -- the 180-55 rear fits but is is a bad idea for handling. Current weight (actual, with gas and after the repaint) is 498 pounds (248F/250R).

Since the bike is for touring, I put a smaller (by 2 teeth) sprocket on the rear. Fewer wheelies (but still doable going into third at just over 100), easier to ride in rain.

I have owned well over 40 bikes in over 40 years of riding. This is the nicest mount yet for high-speed mile-eating. (Yes, I have owned H-D, Yamaha, Honda, and BMW, among others.)


Review by: RF900Flyer
This bike, the RF900, is a keeper, comfy from Tampa to Daytona & back. Doing 90 on it is like standing still... I went from a Yamah SECA 600 to this to carry a passenger and this bike doesn't notice the added weight. Mine's a '97 and I just broke 30k miles.


Review by: Mike Casey
I've had my '95 RF900R since new and have loved every minute of it. I've done the normal upgrades; full pipe, Dynojet, Corbin saddle and suspension by GMD computrack. It's toured all over the east coast and has circled NHIS & VIR (!) and has never left me by the side of the road. A very underrated bike.


Review by: Anon.
a most underrated motorcycle. and one with a worldwide fan base at the RFOC One of the friendliest and most helpful clubs on the web. If you see an RF for sale at a reasonable price near you, do yourself a favour and check it out..these bikes are keepers and for the excellent buy.

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