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Vee Two Super Squalo

Vee Two Super Squalo

Vee Two Super Squalo

Vee Two Super Squalo

Year of specifications 2006
Engine Supercharged 998 cc V-Twin
Transmission 6-speed, chain (close ratio)
Top speed -
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 180 + hp (at rear wheel)
Weight 185 kg / 408 lbs
Seat height -

Australian motorcycle tuners and builders Vee Two created the Super Squalo. A superbike which is loosely based around the Ducati 999 chassis and engine.

The Vee Two tweaked 998 cc v-twin engine has been mated to a Sprintex supercharger allowing for 200 horsepower (at the crank) and a strong flat torque curve.

Vee Two drafted in world renowned motorcycle designer John Keogh to pen the Super Squalo's lines. The design of the Super Squalo is influenced by the name. Squalo means shark in Italian, and the visible connection can be seen in the bodywork. The belly pan is painted to look like the underside of a Great White, and the tail unit features shark gill style slits.

The hand built superbike, of which only 99 will be made, is equipped with a few features unique to the bike. Firstly a windscreen which adjusts its angle electronically according to road speed, and a rear view camera with dash mounted display screen.

Vee Two have used only the finest components and materials for the Super Squalo's construction. Ohlins suspension, Marchesini wheels, ceramic coated dual exhaust, digital race dash and a braced trellis type swing arm are just a few of the highlights.

The Vee Two Super Squalo is available in a choice of five metallic colors including grey, black, orange, yellow and blue. Price is $45,000 USD.


Review by: GW
Super Squalo - Supercharged: Nice concept and aesthetically pleasing, although the harsh tank lines might have been improved in the process.

I think the supercharger drive and layout is questionable, nobody in their right mind would drive a compressor via a Ducati cambelt (at full power the OA1050 saps 15KW of drive). The Desmo system (no valve springs) means that the cam drive (jack shafts, belts etc.) were not designed for high loads, i.e. the Squalo Supercharger is trying to take its power from a weak subsystem in the engine (Ducati made it perfectly strong enough for valves though).

Additionally Ducati have had problems on their race bikes with belt stretch at temperatures, hence the NACA ducts on cam covers on the R motors. With increased engine temperatures from supercharging this does not bode well for cam belt life or durability (the lower cylinder will be under more stress anyway [driving the S/C]).

Finally the drive belt may be prone to whip since it is a long distance between the drive pulley and the compressor (which is sat high in the frame, another poor feature). All in all I think it is a poorly engineered and high risk design, any failure in the supercharger drive will be catastrophic for the motor, i.e. one or both pistons meeting valves - end of story.

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