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Yamaha R7

Yamaha R7

Year of specifications 1999
Engine 749 cc, inline 4 cylinder, 4-stroke
Transmission 6 speed, chain
Top speed 174 mph
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 135 horsepower
Weight -
Seat height -

The Yamaha R7 was a homologation superbike built in extremely limited numbers, 500 to be exact.

Because of its exclusivity and desirability there were certain criteria which had to be met before Yamaha would even sell you an R7. You had to either commit to a season of racing or sponsor a race rider. Then Yamaha would allow you to swop a considerable amount of money (about 3-4 times the price of a similar, less exclusive machine) for the privilege of owning one.

Powering the Yamaha R7 was a four-stroke, inline four cylinder, 749 cc engine which developed around 105 horsepower in road going form. However after adjusting the fuel injection system and adding a racing exhaust 135 hp was available. Racing spec versions of the Yamaha R7 produced around 150 hp.

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