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Jaguar XJS

Jaguar XJS

Jaguar XJR-S by TWR

1991 facelifted Jaguar XJS

Year (of specifications) 1975 - 1996
Engine(s) 5.3 - 6 litre V12 / 3.6 - 4 litre 6 cyl
Transmission 3 speed auto RWD (manual opt)
Max speed 150
0-60 -
Horsepower 285 hp @ 5,500 rpm (5.3 litre V12)
weight 1750 kg / 3859 lbs

The Jaguar XJS was the replacement model for the Jaguar E-Type. However instead of an evolution of the E-Type's design, the XJS was an entirely new model designed with the American market in mind.

The Jaguar XJS was based on a shortened-wheelbase platform developed from the Jaguar XJ12 saloon. The drivetrain was also lifted from the saloon, and initially comprised of a 5.3 litre V12 engine developing 285 horsepower @ 5,500 rpm and 294 lb-ft of torque @ 3,500 rpm. This was coupled to an automatic transmission driving the rear wheels. Some of the earlier models were fitted with an optional 4-speed automatic gearbox, however these are quite rare.

In 1983 Jaguar introduced a more fuel efficient and powerful (299 hp) V12 engine. This model was called the Jaguar XJS HE (High Efficiency). In the same year a targa convertible version was released to sit alongside the coupe model. Also a 3.6 litre twin-cam 6 cylinder version was put on offer.

In 1988 the targa-style convertible was replaced by a fully convertible electric top. The 333 horsepower XJR-S developed by TWR was released in the same year.

In 1991, 16 years after the cars introduction it received its first, and only, major facelift. This gave the car more rounded bumpers and a revised interior. The changes also included an enlarged 4.0 litre 6 cylinder base model, and a 6.0 V12 range-topper.

In 1996 the Jaguar XJS was discontinued. Its replacement the Jaguar XK8 was based on the XJS floorplan.

The Jaguar XJS would make a great car for someone who wants a capable grand tourer and something different to a large German coupe of similar age. Prices for XJS models vary wildly, starting at around $1,000 (£500) for a project car, all the way up to $20,000 (£10,000) or more for a mint condition, low mileage, high spec model.

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