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Ferrari FXX

Ferrari FXX

Ferrari FXX

Ferrari FXX

Ferrari FXX

Ferrari FXX

Year 2005
Engine 6262 cc V-12
Transmission 6-speed, sequential paddle
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 800 hp @ 8,500 rpm
weight -

The stunning Ferrari FXX is the most advanced GT racer ever to come out of Maranello.

The FXX is essentially a test car which can be bought
Ferrari FXX buyers (around 20 of them) will become amateur test drivers for Ferrari, the owners will have their data and driving feedback gathered by Ferrari engineers and the information collected will be compared with findings from Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello and Ferrari’s own professional Test Drivers.

This is done by a highly advanced feature of the Ferrari FXX, a sophisticated onboard telemetry system which monitors and records information on 39 different vehicle dynamic parameters in real time. The system is also able to record other data as required by specific circumstances.

The findings from this unique collaboration between Ferrari and FXX owners will go into building future extreme models capable of delivering immaculate performance.

The FXX has not been homologated for road use and therefore will not be a competition model. The FXX will be used exclusively on the track as part of this specific ongoing research and development program featuring this first ever group of what Ferrari calls 'Client Test Drivers'.

The Ferrari FXX is powered by a potent 6,262 cc V12 making over 800 hp at 8,500 rpm. The sequential transmission, using F1 related technology can make a gearchange in 100 ms. That's nearly as fast as a Ferrari F1 car.

The FXX’s aerodynamic shape is particularly impressive. Based on the Ferrari Enzo, the added spoilers and modified bodywork results in a 40% increase in downforce than ever achieved before. As an added bonus, it is possible to adjust the FXX’s spoiler to suit the specific circuit.

Because of the extreme performance available from the FXX, buyers receive training from processional Ferrari test drivers at the Fiorano Circuit where Ferrari does most of it's testing.

As another perk, the seat and pedals are individually tailored to suit each driver.

The Ferrari FXX package also includes entry into a series of track events to be organised by Ferrari on various international-level circuits over the next two years. During these races an official team of Ferrari technicians will be on hand to provide any assistance and support required by the lucky FXX owner.

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