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Ascari Ecosse

Ascari Ecosse

Ascari Ecosse

Year (of specifications) 1998 - 2003
Engine 4722 cc BMW V8
Transmission 5-speed manual RWD
Max speed 200 mph
0-60 mph 4.1 seconds
Horsepower 400 hp @ 6100 rpm
weight 1250 kgs / 2750 lbs

The Ascari Ecosse was the first car from Ascari. First introduced in 1995 as a work-in-progress, the Ecosse was launched as a production model in 1998. The first car was powered by a mid mounted 6.0 litre Chevrolet V8 but this was later swapped in favor of a 4.7 litre V8 engine from BMW.

The spaceframe chassis of the Ascari Ecosse was covered by a lightweight fibre glass body. The Ascari Ecosse was designed by Lee Noble who was previously involved with the Mclaren F1 and Lotus Elise design projects, later he went on to produce his own line of sports cars, Noble sports cars.

The Ascari Ecosse was built in Banbury, UK by a team of dedicated professionals. Each car took around 450 hours to complete which meant only around 25 - 30 cars were produced each year. The Ascari Ecosse was replaced by the Ascari KZ1 in 2003.

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