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Avanti (Studebaker)



Year (of specifications) 2005
Engine various V6 and V8
Transmission 5-speed manual or automatic
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 210 hp, 300 hp, 460 hp
weight -

The Avanti has had a long and bumpy history which has seen the 'Avanti' name change hands several times, and production locations and platforms change just as much.

The original Studebaker Avanti was built between 1962 and 1964. After Studebaker closed, the Avanti survived in the form of the Avanti II.

The Avanti II had been saved by two Indiana, USA, based Studebaker dealerships who bought the tools and moulds to make the car. The Avanti II was powered by a 5.4 litre Chevrolet V8 and hand built to order in very small numbers.

In 1982 the Avanti was sold again. The new Avanti was given a more up to date chassis and suspension, and a convertible model was also introduced.

In 1986 the Avanti name changed hands again, production was moved to Ohio, and the cars continued to be sold until 1991.

In 2000 the Avanti appeared yet again (pictured), this time in Georgia, USA. This time the car was based on a modified Chevrolet Corvette drivetrain and it featured all the trimmings expected in a modern American sports car. The new company hopes to sell around 150 hand made cars each year.

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