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Breckland Technology Biera V8

Breckland Technology Biera V8

Breckland Technology Biera V8

Breckland Technology Biera V8

Breckland Technology Biera V8 interior

Year 2008
Engine 6.0 litre LS2 V8
Transmission 6 speed manual RWD
Max speed 155 mph (limited)
0-60 mph under 4 seconds
Horsepower 400 bhp
weight 1400 ks /

The Biera V8 from UK based small-scale automotive manufacturer Breckland Technology is a two seat sports car based on GM's Kappa RWD platform. The Kappa platform is used on the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky roadster.

The Breckland Technology Biera V8 is powered - unsurprisingly - by a V8 engine, a 6.0 litre LS2 unit from GM to be exact. This powerplant is borrowed from the Chevrolet Corvette and Pontiac GTO models. For the Biera V8 it has been tuned to develop just a fraction under 400 horsepower. The engine is dual-fuel capable, and can be run on either petrol or liquefied petroleum gas. This not only helps to reduce running costs and emissions, but also gives the Beira V8 a 700 mile range. Coupled to the V8 is a Tremec six-speed manual transmission sending power to the rear wheels.

Breckland Technology limited their development of the Biera V8 to areas which were critical - not fanciful. This was done in order to keep costs down and speed up development. Therefore the basic structure of the Kappa platform remains pretty much unchanged. However improvements have been made to the suspension and handling components. The Biera V8 is fitted with uprated springs, dampers and bushes, plus thicker front and rear anti-roll bars all from KW Suspension.

The Breckland Technology Biera V8 benefits from uprated brakes. 325mm ventilated discs appear on all four wheels. These are grabbed by six-pot calipers at the front and four-pot units at the rear.

The body of the Biera V8 has been remodeled both front and rear by Breckland Technology using lightweight composites instead of steel. The resulting appearance is not groundbreaking but it is well designed and visually appealing.

Inside, the Breckland Technology Biera V8 features a custom-built interior, including electric windows, air conditioning, twin airbags - in the steering wheel and in the passenger dash - combined with clear, concise instrumentation, and hand-stitched leather/Alcantara seats and trim.

The stylish central instrument cluster incorporates a double DIN showcase of mobile entertainment from in-car specialists, Clarion. It includes a 7" TFT color touch screen, DVD player, direct iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, and an in-built 30Gb hard disk drive (HDD) navigation system. Buyers can also opt for the rear reversing camera, which relays the view behind onto the same in-dash display.

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