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Bufori CS sports car

Bufori CS sports car

Bufori CS sports car

Year (of specifications) 2009
Engine 2.0 litre 4-cylinder, turbocharged
Transmission RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower -
weight -

The Bufori CS is a two-door, two-seat sports coupe from the Malaysian manufacturer Bufori. It represents the first model in a new lineup of vehicles from the company.

Bufori have been around since 1986. Originally based in Australia the company has been successfully producing cars like the La Joya for many years and exporting them to markets all around the world including Australia, Europe, USA, and the Middle East.

The CS, which stands for 'Compact Sports', marks a new styling direction for Bufori. All their previous vehicles have had a distinctly classic appearance, but the CS is modern in its design.

Powered by a turbocharged, 2.0 litre, four cylinder engine (no power or torque figures yet), the CS should have decent performance if Bufori can keep the weight down. Hopefully they can thanks to the lightweight composite bodywork which consists of carbon fibre and Kevlar panels. This is laid over a spaceframe chassis.

Another factor working in the CS's favor is the fact the company is developing a racing version in order to test and develop the vehicle under the extreme conditions only achievable through competitive racing.

"After two years of hard work in designing and developing our new sports car, the BUFORI CS, we are very proud that a racing version of our car has been developed and will have its first public appearance at such a prestigious event as the Macau Grand Prix. We could not have wished for a better occasion. Our intention is to transfer the racing technology to the road version of the BUFORI CS and bring in all the qualities for which BUFORI is renowned" says Felix Haller, General Manager Marketing & Operations of Bufori Motors.

The overall shape of the Bufori CS is not a million miles away from the lines of the first generation BMW Z4 Coupe, especially when viewed from the side. Up front Bufori have integrated their curious moustache-like grille into the bodywork, a feature which probably would have been better left out. But at the rear, the quadruple round taillights and sloping tail section, coupled with the powerful rear arches give the CS some stylistic appeal.

The Bufori CS features unequal upper and lower a-arm front and rear suspension with fully adjustable coil over shocks.

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