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Caterham CSR 260

Caterham CSR 260

Caterham CSR 260

Year (of specifications) 2004 -
Engine 2.3 L, Ford Duratech 4 cylinder
Transmission 6-speed manual
Max speed 155 mph
0-60 mph 3.1 seconds
Horsepower 260 bhp @ 7500 rpm
weight 570 kgs

The power source of the Caterham Super Seven CSR is the new Cosworth developed 2.3-litre Ford Duratec engine. The all-alloy, four-cylinder twin cam unit produces either 200bhp (in the Super Seven CSR 200) or 260bhp in the CSR 260. Significantly, the EU4 approved 200bhp engine, will provide a major boost to Caterham’s already strong export market, as well as forming the cornerstone of its domestic high performance sales.

The CSR is wider than the Caterham Superlight's and has also had the bulk of the suspension components moved inside the body work.

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