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De Tomaso Pantera

De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Year (of specifications) -
Engine 5763 cc V8
Transmission 5-speed ZF transaxle
Max speed 160 mph
0-60 mph 5.2 seconds
Horsepower 350 bhp
weight -

The Pantera was the third car from De Tomaso. De Tomaso managed to get the Pantera into Ford dealerships through a deal where by Ford got De Tomaso's coachbuilding firm, Ghia. This move significantly improved the sales of the Pantera, although Ford stopped selling the Pantera in 1974 partly due to complaints about build quality, reliability and rust.

Powered by a 5.8 litre Ford V8 the De Tomaso Pantera was capable of reaching 160 mph, and it also displayed admirable handling characteristics.

In total around 10,000 De Tomaso Pantera's were built from 1970 to 1995.

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