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Fiberfab Valkyrie MK III-B

Fiberfab Valkyrie MK III-B

Fiberfab Valkyrie MK III-B

Fiberfab Valkyrie MK III-B engine view

Year (of specifications) 2006
Engine various, big or sml block V8
Transmission varies, 4 speed pictured, RWD
Max speed 182 mph
0-60 mph 4.3 seconds
Horsepower varies, 400 hp engine pictured
weight 807 kg / 1780 lbs (wet)

Fiberfab US Valkyries are a continuation of the Valkyrie Bloodline which started in 1966. Due to a Rebirth of the company, in 2003, these cars are available again. Valkyrie bodies are cast from vintage molds, from the original Fiberfab company. Although newer composite materials are used now days!

- Mid-mounted V8 engine & drivetrain
- Multiple engine and transaxle choices
- Advanced rear suspension
- Multi-composite body structure
- and affordable basic packages, are all advantages of the new Valkyries made by Fiberfab US.

Pictured here is a 400hp SBC 4-speed combination, weighing in at 1780 lbs (807 kg) wet, with a 100" wheelbase and 66" hub to hub track width make this common-mans supercar an awesome experience.

Small or big block engines slot directly into the new Fiberfab Valkyries, same as modern transaxles like: ZF, Hewland, Mangusta, Porsche, and Audi, all are designed to be utilized by way of our proprietary U.M.E.T.S assembly.

U.M.E.T.S which is a acronym for: "U"nitized "M"ulti-link "E"ngine "T"ransmission "S"uspension is a component of the GEN 2 Valkyrie framework.

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