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Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit

Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit

Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit interior

Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit

Year (of specifications) 2010
Engine 4.2 litre V8
Transmission 6-speed sequential, RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 420 horsepower
weight 950 kgs / 2,094 lbs

The Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit is the latest and greatest version of the Belgian-made Gillet Vertigo supercar.

The original Vertigo prototype made its first appearance back in the early 1990s. By 1994 the first production cars were on sale.

Fast forward to 2010 and the Gillet Vertigo has been thouroughly re-engineered and renamed the Vertigo .5 Spirit. Like the original Vertigo, this car was born on the race track, and then homologated for road use.

The Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit features an immensley strong carbon-Nomex chassis which weighs a mere 58 kgs (128 lbs) - helping keep the car's overall weight to just 950 kgs (2094 lbs). The chassis is complemented by hi-performance 6-piston calipers clamping down on 350mm discs, and a track-biased suspension setup.

Powering the car is a racing-bred 4.2 litre V8 which produces 420 horsepower. The power is channeled to the rear wheels through a sequential 6-speed transmission. Gillet haven't released the performance specs yet, however with a power-to-weight ratio better than a Ferrari 458 Italia, it's bound to be quick.

The Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit can be extensively customised to suit the buyer's tastes. That means everything from the exterior color and interior trim can be altered, as well as the handling and ride setup of the car.


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