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GTM Spyder

GTM Spyder

Year (of specifications) 2005
Engine 1800 cc Honda 4 cylinder
Transmission manual RWD
Max speed 140 mph
0-60 mph 5.8 seconds
Horsepower 133 hp @ 6750 rpm
weight -

The GTM Spyder is the convertible version of the GTM Libra. The Spyder came three years after the launch of the Libra, benefiting from the engineering which had been developed during the creation of the Libra. Many of the detail components used on the Libra are carried through into the Spyder, plus many more that have been made specifically for the mid-engined convertible.

The original concept of a minimalist design, low component count, with emphasis on performance and aesthetics was retained during the creation of the GTM Spyder.

The GTM Spyder, although almost technically identical to the Libra, was completely styled by Richard Oakes. A further two years development were put into the Spyder to create a true British open top sports car. The central monocoque of the GTM Spyder is the most dramatically changed moulding requiring major modifications to the closed box sections within the tub to replace the rigidity lost from removing the roof section. Further strengthening to the floor pan was added along with a redesigned rear bulkhead. In all about 30 kilos have been added to the weight of the central tub, unfortunately the additional strengthening and modifications to the rear bulkhead have removed the option of fitting the most powerful engine option, the 2.5 litre V6.

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