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Honda NSX

Honda NSX

Year 1991 - 2005
Engine 3.2 L 24v V6
Transmission 4spd auto, 5 spd manual later 6
Max speed 170 mph
0-60 mph 5.7 seconds
Horsepower 292 hp
weight -

he highly advanced Honda NSX was released in 1990 to showcase Honda's racing technology. Highlights of the NSX included an ultra-rigid, lightweight aluminium monocoque chassis, titanium connecting rods and high-revving capabilities.

The Honda NSX's high chassis rigidity and cornering/handling abilities were the results of Ayrton Senna's feedback given to Honda's engineers while testing at the Suzuka Circuit during its final development stages.

The NSX was designed as a practical supercar, capable of sittting in city traffic with out overheating, and also capable of over 170 mph.

Although a great car, well built, well thought out, refined over time, the NSX failed to sell well throughout its long lifetime - although it still has a devoted following. The cars expensive production process, with an aluminium monocoque, meant Honda lost money on each NSX sold.

In the US the NSX was sold under the Acura brand name.


Review by: Lenin
The Honda NSX ushered in a new era in supercar building. It forced established supercar makers such as Ferrari to build cars with pieces that didn't fall off, and proved that sportscars did not need to be temperamental and generally impossible to live with every day.

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