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2008 Jaguar XKR Portfolio

2008 Jaguar XKR Portfolio

2008 Jaguar XKR Portfolio

2008 Jaguar XKR Portfolio

2008 Jaguar XKR Portfolio interior

Year (of specifications) 2008
Engine 4196 cc V8
Transmission 6-speed, sequential auto
Max speed 155 mph (limited)
0-60 mph 4.9 seconds
Horsepower 420 bhp @ 6250 rpm
weight 1665 kg / 3670 lbs

For 2008 Jaguar Cars is adding even more appeal to the 'must have' XKR with the unveiling of the special edition Portfolio model. The 4.2-litre supercharged sports car will be sold worldwide and each one will feature notable additions to the already strong specification of the XKR, which is capable of hitting an electronically controlled top speed of 155mph and can accelerate to 60mph in just 4.9 seconds (5.0 seconds for the convertible).

The XKR's already powerful sporting styling cues – an enhanced front bumper, bonnet louvres and aluminium-finish grilles and side power vents – will remain and exclusive Celestial Black exterior paint and 20-inch polished Cremona five-spoke alloy wheels add to the overall presence.

The XKR's interior represents a truly sophisticated yet driver-focussed environment thanks to class-leading ergonomics, user-friendly in-car technology and simple, clear information displays in the instrument panel and main dashboard area.

The XKR Portfolio will combine this acclaimed design and performance with Jaguar's engineering and craftsmanship skills to take the XKR to an even higher level. Every XKR benefits from its class-leading, advanced aluminium construction, which ensures that its power is matched by a dynamic, lightweight chassis that handles supremely, rides exceptionally well and stops with surefooted reassurance time after time.

Now, to offer even greater braking ability, Jaguar's Special Vehicles team has worked alongside leading brake manufacturer Alcon to create the largest, most powerful brakes a production Jaguar has ever carried. After extensive testing by experts at Jaguar's specialist engineering centre (which is based next to the legendary Nürburgring race circuit in Germany), the new XKR Portfolio braking system was conceived.

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