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Jiotto Caspita

Year 1989
Engine V10
Transmission 6-speed, manual RWD
Max speed 199 mph
0-60 mph 4.7 seconds
Horsepower 577 hp@ 10,750 rpm
weight 1240 kg / 2734 lbs

The Jiotto Caspita was a super car concept designed and constructed by a Japanese company, Jiotto Design, in 1989. Jiotto Design was a company set up in 1988 by Dome (a race car manufacturer) to act as an automotive design agency.

The initial Jiotto Caspita prototype was powered by a detuned Formula One engine (a Motori Moderni flat 12). In 1990 Jiotto descided to replace the 12 cylinder engine with a Judd V10.

Both engines were transversely mounted, and powered through a 6 speed gearbox built by Weismann. The Caspita made its debut at the 1990 Tokyo Motor Show.

Unfortunatley the Jiotto Caspita project was cancelled in 1993 due to the global recession which meant lack of demands for supercars. With the 577 horsepower V10 engine, the Jiotto Caspita was capable of reaching 199 miles per hour, and reaching 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds.

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