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Juliani Veela

Juliani Veela

Juliani Veela

Year (of specifications) 2011
Engine 6.2 litre V8
Transmission 6 speed manual RWD
Max speed 192 mph (claimed)
0-60 mph 3.4 seconds
Horsepower 520 hp @ 6,300 rpm
weight 1160 kgs / 2557 lbs

The Veela is the first sport car to emerge from the new Milanese manufacturer Juliani.

Juliani describes the Veela as; "an Italian supercar made by Italians". Added to that it's handbuilt to the specifications of each customer. That means it'll either be really good; or it'll be really bad. Until the first prototypes and pre-production cars start rolling around there's no guarantees either way.

One thing is for sure, Juliani intend to stuff the Veela with premium parts. Including Brembo brakes, a carbon fiber driveshaft, superlight 19" wheels, plenty of CNC machined aluminum parts, Ohlins shocks, a limited slip differential with customizable ratios, Recaro seats, bespoke leather trim, Hella LED headlights, and perhaps most impressively of all - if you're a Steve Jobs fan - the Veela features an integrated Apple iPad 2 system capable of controlling the radio, navigation system, multimedia system, internet and phone connections and an optional 5 camera onboard video recording system.

All that technology and high-grade parts and materials obviously puts the Juliani Veela into serious supercar territory. So the engine is suitably large and powerful. Mounted up front is a 6.2 litre V8 which produces 520 horsepower. Mated to that is a 6-speed close ratio gearbox.

Curiously, despite the attention to detail with the gadgets and expensive components, Juliani state that the Veela will feature a steel spaceframe chassis and fiberglass bodywork. No aluminium and carbon fiber?

Then again lightweight an nimble performance isn't what Juliani are after with the Veela. In their own words: "This car is not created for the circuit, it has been created for the total pleasure of driving, for everyday driving with the family, with a spacious boot able to carry a full set of golf clubs."

If it manages to make production then the Juliani Veela will bring a unique fusion of style to the road. There's a lot of TVR in the lines of the car, and at the rear there's a hint of Lotus. Looking from the front Marcos is the brand that springs to mind. But then it's all brought nicely together with some Italian flair.

Source: Juliani Automobili

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