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K-1 Attack F-Type

K-1 Attack

K-1 Attack interior

Year (of specifications) 2002
Engine V6
Transmission 6-speed manual RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower -
weight 849 kg / 1871 lbs

Review by: Loren
The K-1 Attack is from Slovakia, and I heard it weighs in at around 1900 pounds when completed. It's a kit car made predominantly for Honda and Ford I-4 engines, though I have heard rumors of people managing to squeeze (with a lot of fabrication, cutting etc... I'm sure) bigger more powerful engines in it... It's a mid-engined car, unfortunately it's only a convertible - though I've also heard of people finding ways to put hardtops and other roofs on them as well.

I would definitely like to own one, and if I could get a watertight hardtop on it, I'd definitely participate in a Gumball rally with it.

The K-1 Attack's performance and handling are supposed to be excellent as well when tuned to about 450 hp.

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