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Year 1991 - 1998 (back in production 2006)
Engine 1002 cc in-line Yamaha 4 cylinder
Transmission 2 x 5-speed, manual RWD
Max speed 145 mph
0-60 mph 4.0 seconds
Horsepower 143 bhp @ 10,200 rpm
weight 385 kg / 849 lbs

The Light Car Company Rocket was a creation of Christopher Craft, an ex-race car driver, and Gordon Murray, the legendary Mclaren F1's designer. The Rocket was an ultra-lightweight, tandem seat sports car powered by a 1 litre Yamaha motorbike engine and gearbox driving the rear wheels through a two-speed transaxle, offering the driver the choice of 10 different gears, plus a reverse gear. The Rocket is fitted with a limited slip differential

The styling of the Rocket was inspired by the look of 1950's F1 cars. The Rocket featured independent front and rear suspension with coil springs, adjustable dampers and four wheel disc brakes. The chassis of the Light Car Company Rocket comprised of a multi-tubular space frame with aluminium alloy panels. What little bodywork there is on the Rocket is formed from reinforced plastic panels with carbon fiber covers for the front and rear wheels.

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