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2014 Lotus Elite hybrid sports car

2014 Lotus Elite hybrid sports car

2014 Lotus Elite hybrid sports car

2014 Lotus Elite hybrid sports car

Year 2014 (intended production debut)
Engine 5.0 litre V8 (hybrid optional)
Transmission RWD
Max speed 195 mph
0-60 mph 3.6 seconds
Horsepower 620 hp
weight 1650 kg / 3637 lbs

The Lotus Elite is coming back!.. In 2014. Lotus has announced that by 2014 the all-new Lotus Elite will be born. At the 2010 Paris Motor Show they intend to display a pre-production prototype which will closely match the production car due to follow.

The new Elite is a step up for Lotus as the car is significantly more advanced than their current cars in terms of power, performance, and unfortunatley price.

Powering the Lotus Elite is a front-mid mounted 5.0 litre V8 which produces 620 horsepower. Lotus are predicting that this engine will give the car a 0-62 mph (100km/h) time of around 3.6 seconds. Top speed is a projected 195 mph.

Lotus also plan to offer a hybrid drivetrain as an option. Although they haven't been entirely clear on exactly what performance it will provide, a electric motor housed in the transmission is how they plan on doing it. The Lotus Elite hybrid will also employ a KERS system to recirculate the kinetic energy usually lost during braking.

Thanks to the engine's location, there's room in the new Lotus Elite for four people - although the rear seat passengers will probably have to limber up before attempting entry.

Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus said of the new Lotus Elite: "There's no denying that the Elite is breathtakingly beautiful to look at but itís so much more than that, itís a car that over delivers in all other aspects as well. One could say itís a car of perfect contradictions, itís compact yet spacious, high performing yet low emitting, lightweight yet still reassuringly solid. It's a car that we are exceptionally proud of at Lotus and we truly believe that there is nothing else like it out there both in terms of styling and performance.

"Make no mistake, thereís a definite market requirement for the Elite - it's the ultimate sports car feel with comfort and space. There will always be those who believe that Lotus should stick to small sports cars but we didnít take the decision to design something like the Elite lightly, it's based on months of careful research and planning. It's worth noting this sector has been very successful for us in the past and now the Elite raises the benchmark higher still."

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