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Year (of specifications) 1998 prototype
Engine Twin supercharged 4.6 litre V8
Transmission 5 speed manual RWD
Max speed


0-60 mph 4.5 seconds (est)
Horsepower 400 bhp @ 6300 rpm
weight 1065 kg / 2350 lbs (est)

The Canadian built MCV CH4 was a concept supercar which never quite made it to full scale production. MCV (Motion Concept Vehicles) spent several years developing the CH4, beginning in 1992, and intended to make just 350 cars.

Initially the MCV CH4 was designed to run on natural gas, and the prototype did actually run on methane (chemical abbreviation CH4), but MCV later changed it so natural gas power would be an option and a conventional petrol engine would come as standard.

The chassis of the MCV CH4 is made from carbon fiber composite offering greater stiffness and strength than a steel chassis but at a fraction of the weight.

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