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Year (of specifications) 1955 - 1962
Engine 1489cc / 1588cc / 1622cc four-cylinder
Transmission RWD
Max speed 95 - 110 mph
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 72 hp - 108 hp
weight (roadster) -

The MGA, which was introduced in 1955, was the predecessor to the immensely popular MGB.

The MGA was the first MG to be produced after the merger of Nuffield and Austin to form the BMC (British Motor Company). Much of the MGA's drivetrain was borrowed or developed from the Austin A50.

The MGA was built using a strong, but also relatively heavy, box section chassis. The front suspension consisted of a wishbone setup, while at the rear were leaf springs.

When the MGA first went on sale it came in roadster form only and it was equipped with a 72hp, 1489 cc, inline four cylinder engine which allowed for a top speed of around 95 mph.

In 1956 a coupe version of the MGA was launched, and in 1958 an upgraded engine was offered. This 1588 cc inline four-cylinder produced 108 hp and top speed increased to 110 mph. Due to a poor reliability record the 1588 cc engine was dropped in 1960 and the only engine option became an 80hp, 1600 cc inline four cylinder.

In 1961 the final version of the MGA was revealed. This model came with an 86 hp, 1622cc inline four cylinder and a 100+mph top speed.

By the time production ceased in 1962 101,081 MGA's had been manufactured during its 8 year lifespan. The MGA's replacement, the MGB sold in considerably more numbers but the MGA was still a better looking car.

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