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Morgan 4/4 70th Anniversary

Year (of specifications) launched 1936 minor updates since
Engine 1.8 litre Ford Duratec inline 4 cyl
Transmission 5-speed manual
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 125 hp
weight -

The 2006, yes 2006 Morgan 4/4 70th Anniversary is a car built to pay respect to an almost legendary design that has been around since 1936. The classic styled Morgan has not changed much in the 70 years it has been around and the car still model still uses a lightweight wood frame, modifications to the car have been made to keep it up to date with safety regulations and the competition, however the appearance remained unaltered.

Just 142 Morgan 4/4 70th Anniversary cars will be produced, two for each year it has been in existence.

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