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Nissan NISMO 370Z

Nissan NISMO 370Z

Nissan NISMO 370Z

Nissan NISMO 370Z

Nissan NISMO 370Z

Nissan NISMO 370Z

Nissan NISMO 370Z interior

Nissan NISMO 370Z

Year (of specifications) 2009
Engine 3.7 L V6
Transmission 6 speed manual RWD
Max speed


0-60 mph -
Horsepower 350 hp @ 7,400 rpm
weight -

The Nissan NISMO 370Z is the top spec model of the Nissan 370Z, tuned in-house by Nissan's performance division NISMO. Just like the standard 370Z the NISMO 370Z uses a huge amount of design inspiration taken from the first generation 'Z' car, the Datsun 240Z, and the styling is all the better for it. This is one hell of a good looking car.

"The NISMO name is known throughout the world as the leading supplier of race-bred, factory-tuned, extreme performance Nissan parts, accessories and vehicles," said Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager, Nissan Division, Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA). "The new, second-generation NISMO Z proudly – and deservedly – wears the NISMO badge, carrying on the tradition of bringing racing-inspired performance and engineering to the street."

Cosmetic and aerodynamic differences which separate the NISMO 370Z from the standard car include a deeper front spoiler which extends out further and features a small wing at each corner to improve downforce, deeper side sills, a specially designed rear bumper which helps control airflow under the car, and a functional rear spoiler which helps keep the rear end firmly planted to the road.

Powering the Nissan NISMO 370Z is the same 3.7 litre, DOHC, V6 with variable valve event and lift control (VVEL) found in the standard car but thanks to a new ECU and a performance 'H' configuration sports exhaust the engine now produces 350 hp @ 7,400 rpm (18 more than the standard car), and 276 lb-ft of torque @ 5,200 rpm.

The Nissan NISMO 370Z is available solely with a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission with Nissan's new "SynchroRev Match" system. This system automatically controls and adjusts engine speed when shifting to the speed of the next gear position, essentially "blipping" the throttle to smooth out any up/down shifts. This not only allows the driver to focus more on braking and steering, it improves vehicle balance and smoothness by reducing the typical "shock" when the clutch is engaged. The system can be deactivated with a button next to the shifter for drivers who prefer less vehicle intervention.

The NISMO 370Z's double-wishbone front/4-link rear suspension design suspension is specially tuned for exceptional stability and handling. Compared to a standard Nissan 370Z Coupe, front spring rates have been raised by 15%, rear spring rates 10%, front stabilizer bar rate upped 15% and the rear stabilizer bar is 50% stiffer. The roll stiffness rate has been increased by 15% and front and rear damping rates have been increased by 40% and 140% respectively.

The Nissan NISMO 370Z features NISMO Sport Brakes with large diameter 14.0-inch front and 13.8-inch rear vented rotors with 4-piston front and 2-piston rear aluminum calipers. The braking system also includes a variable ratio brake pedal for a more direct pedal stroke feel, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA). A Viscous Limited-Slip Differential (VLSD) is standard on all NISMO 370Zs, along with Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC).

The 2-seat interior of the Nissan NISMO 370Z is built around a deeply scooped instrument panel with a full-length center console separating the driver and passenger's seat. In the rear is an open cargo area with enhanced storage and accessibility. The instrument panel includes a 3-pod cluster with oil temperature, voltmeter and clock, while the speedometer and tachometer include an "initial sweep" function, coming alive when the NISMO Z is first started.

The 2009 NISMO 370Z is available in five exterior colors: Pearl White, Brilliant Silver, Magnetic Black, Solid Red and Platinum Graphite.

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