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Peugeot 406 Coupe

Peugeot 406 Coupe interior

Peugeot 406 V6 Coupe

Year (of specifications) 1997 - 2003
Engine 2946 cc V6
Transmission FWD
Max speed 143 mph
0-60 mph 7.8 seconds
Horsepower 194 bhp @ 5500 rpm
weight 1350 kg / 2976 lbs

The Peugeot 406 V6 Coupe was a beautifully styled, adequately powered touring sports car. To this day it remains one of Peugeot's most attractive models, easily eclipsing the 407 Coupe in the looks department.

The front wheel drive layout and slightly soft suspension show that the 406 V6 Coupe isn't meant as a true sports car. Instead it is best thought of as an easily affordable grand touring sports car.

The gorgeous styling of the car is thanks to Pininfarina - the same guys who style Ferrari's cars. Peugeot is obviously pretty proud of this fact and the car wears prominent Pininfarina badges just forward of the rear wheels.

The 3.0 litre V6 of the Peugeot 406 V6 Coupe develops a healthy 194 horsepower. This gives the car a top speed in excess of 140 mph and a 0-60 mph time under 8 seconds.

Review by: Anonymous:
I have owned one of these for 4 years, and I can tell you now - IT IS NO SPORTSCAR!!!

The 406 coupe V6 may look like a sports car(and it does look very sexy), but with only 140kw and abysmal amounts of torque, it does not go like one.

If you have your heart set on one, try and go for the manual version. They are a lot quicker and have a lot less problems.

The 406 coupe V6 is renowned for automatic gearbox problems. In 4 years I went through 3 gear boxes, and it still could not be permanently fixed, not even by Peugeot themselves.

So in summary - it's sex on wheels, but the beauty is only skin deep.

Steer clear of this one.

Review by: Justin
I am on my second 406 Coupe 3.0 V6. The first (1999 D3 model) was great but was written off in an accident which considering the speed involved and nose-to-nose contact, survived with minimal damage and deformity. It literally pushed a people carrier that crossed it's path illegally though nearly 90 degrees.

I loved it so much I got an other. A 2003 D4 model in black with 3.0 V6 again. I like challenging roads and enjoy testing the car's handing. After owning hot hatches in the 80's/90's and enjoying their pros and cons I grew to love this car.

I have taken people out in it and have taken large motorway roundabouts at 60-70mph and the passengers cannot believe it is possible, let alone in this car. The late D4 models have switchable stability control and trust me they are amazing.

The 210 bhp V6 has more than enough power and on the day I collected it a friend was so impressed he challenged me in his Ford Focus ST. The result? No difference in performance, and trust me he wanted to win up to about 120mph.

This car is very reliable with many owners happily reporting no issues up to 150,000 miles. I did have reason to drive 350 miles to and from a job I had on the east coast and this is where the car really comes in to it's own.

All of the design considerations and ergonomics are geared to long distances. Even the owners manual explains that short distances are not good for it as the large V6's oil capacity needs to get warm service intervals should be more frequent if used in this way.

Get a good one under 130k miles and you will have a classic design that performs. I could never drive another car and be very happy.

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