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2010 Volvo C70

2010 Volvo C70

2010 Volvo C70

2010 Volvo C70

2010 Volvo C70

2010 Volvo C70

2010 Volvo C70 interior

Year 2010
Engine 2.4 litre petrol, 2.5 litre T5 petrol , 2.0 litre Diesel, 2.4 litre D5 diesel
Transmission manual or automatic FWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 136 hp - 230 hp
weight -

The 2010 Volvo C70 is a facelifted version of Volvo's luxury hardtop convertible.

"We have carefully redesigned the front and rear of the car so they harmonise more with the larger Volvo models. We have also increased the exclusiveness of the interior materials and trim details to enhance the feeling of luxury," explains Fedde Talsma, Exterior Chief Designer of Volvo Cars.

The styling of the C70 takes much of its inspiration from the Volvo S60 concept which was unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show. The more adventurous front facia and curvaceous lines of the 2010 C70 are destined to be part of the new design language for Volvo's entire lineup.

The rear of the 2010 Volvo C70 continues the front's new bold design. High-tech LED lamps, as found on the XC60, are the most noticeable addition to the rear and the entire lamp unit is now clearly integrated with the oval that frames the new C70's rear panel.

The interior of the 2010 C70 has also been given a refresh to create a more comfortable and luxurious ambiance. The instrument panel has been redesigned to give it a wider, sleeker look with improved finish. The surface of the panel has a new texture that enhances the quality feel.

Four different engine options are available for the 2010 Volvo C70.
- 136 hp 2.0 litre diesel
- 180 hp 2.4 litre diesel D5
- 170 hp 2.4 litre petrol
- 230 hp 2.5 litre petrol T5

As expected Volvo's engineers have spent much time developing the C70's safety systems. The Volvo C70 features sturdy metal roll bars that extend up behind the rear seat passengers to create added protective space should the car roll over. These bars, which are part of Volvo's Rollover Protection System – ROPS – are activated by a gyro-sensor. Since the Volvo C70 has a glass rear window, the bars force through the glass if the roof is in place and so have been fitted with small hardened metal spikes that break the glass to guarantee protection.

One important part of the side-impact and rollover protection is the inflatable curtain, IC, which is installed in the doors as there is no roof rail to fit it to. The curtain has an extra-stiff design so the curtain can remain upright and help protect the head effectively even if the window is open. The curtain also deflates slowly, helping to provide added protection should the car roll over.

In addition to the inflatable curtains on either side, the front seat occupants also have side-impact airbags. The size of these bags is dimensioned to protect both the chest and hips. The inflatable curtain system interacts with the belt pre-tensioners to offer the best possible protection for front seat occupants in the event of an accident.

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