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Year (of specifications) 2001 - 2005
Engine(s) inline 6 cylinder 2.5 litre
Transmission 6 speed manual RWD
Max speed 148 mph
0-60 7.1
Horsepower 190 hp @ 6,000 rpm
weight 1,480 kgs / 3,262 lbs

The BMW 325ti Compact, despite it's close relationship with the venerable 3-series saloon and sturdy Germanic styling, was never really one of BMW's most successful or desirable models.

However the problem with the 325ti Compact really is skin deep. And if you like the looks then there really is nothing to put you off. It's a bit of a hidden gem in fact.

The chassis and engine are both of high quality, and the 189 hp offered up by the inline 6-cylinder engine provides enough pep to keep most people smiling.

The only downsides are the limited space in the back seat, and percieved budget-BMW image.

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