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Fearless 28 by Porsche Design

Fearless 28 by Porsche Design

Fearless 28 by Porsche Design

Fearless 28 by Porsche Design

Year (of specifications) 2007
Engine(s) V10 from Dodge Viper
Horsepower (max) 550 horsepower
Weight 2722 kg / 6000 lbs
Length 8.4 m / 27'7"
Beam 2.59 m / 8'6"

The Fearless 28 is a custom designed powerboat styled by Porsche Design.

The Fearless 28 is powered by a 550 horsepower V10 taken from the Dodge Viper and equipped for marine use.

The Fearless 28 by Porsche Design has seating for five passengers in complete luxury while also providing the driver with a focused environment for high speed boating.

The construction of the Fearless 28 revolves around the seamless carbon-fibre reinforced fiberglass deep-V hull finished in stunning silver. The design of the upper deck echoes that of the legendary Porsche sports cars including the 911 and also the Porsche Carrera GT.

In the cockpit and cabin the Fearless 28 has a high-end stereo system comprising of an XM satellite radio, AM/FM radio, CD, DVD player and an i-Pod docking station.

The top speed of the Fearless 28 by Porsche Design is 80+ mph, and at a 40mph cruising speed it has a 164 mile range.

The Fearless 28 is the first in a range of yachts styled by Porsche Design for Fearless. The lineup will eventually include 44, 68, 125 and 150 foot versions.

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