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Engine(s) -
Horsepower (max) 1200 hp x2
Displacement -
Length 18.2 m / 60 feet
Beam -

The K60 Anaconda is a next generation semi-rigid luxury powerboat designed by the experts at Keyframe Studio, a yacht design firm based in Florence, Italy.

The K60 Anaconda features two 1200 horsepower engines which are capable of taking the vessel up to 55 knots. The lightweight design of the boat is designed to help with its agility and efficiency in the water.

The interior of the Keyframe K60 Anaconda is available in three different layouts to suit a range of uses. It can comfortably handle everything from family to business use. Keyframe Studio claim that: "Each and every room has been designed with the closest attention to detail using the highest standards of Italian style and design". And judging from the images, they nailed it.

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Source: Keyframe Studio

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