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Aquajet Jetbike WX1 1250 Triple

Year (of specifications) 2002
Engine 1263 cc, inline 3 cylinder
Horsepower 150 hp
Transmission -
Weight 180 kg, 395 lbs
Personnel Capacity 1 person

The Aquajet Jetbike is an unconventional-looking personal water craft built by the Aquajet Corporation based in California.

Built around a one-piece composite hull, the Aquajet Jetbike is designed to be easy to operate, and unlike many personal watercraft it features off-throttle steering.

The narrow body of the Aquajet Jetbike has been designed to be suitable for a variety of different sized riders. In addition it can also be used by novices and experienced riders alike.

Top speed of the Aquajet Jetbike is 70+ mph.

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