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Kawasaki STX-12F

Year 2005
Engine 1199 cc, 4 cylinder
Horsepower 827 lbs of thrust
Transmission forward, neutral, reverse
Weight 334 kg, 737 lbs
Personnel Capacity maximum of 3

Review by: sent in by: Jordan

I recently bought a Kawasaki 12-F 2005 model, my passion for them began when I hired a jetski in Bali and then it grew and grew until I finally bought one, and must I say, I am extremely impressed, I've got to say this is the best jetski I've ever tried! Extremely fast (had it up to 95km), powerful with it's 131HP engine and capable of just about towing anything, I've had two ski tubes behind it at the same time and it flew, it is also easily capable of towing a skier or wakeboarder, and handles really well when in the rough, also extremely stable even when I have had three people on with their gear.

Definitely my top pick over any jetski

Rating 9.6/10


Review by: by: Anon.
This unit is great fun. I use it for fishing. Just to correct the post above. It is 125HP and goes about 55MPH max. Great vehicle though, very reliable, and plenty powerful for me.

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