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SeaDoo GTX Supercharged

Year 2005
Engine 1494 cc, 3 cylinder
Horsepower 185 hp
Transmission forward, neutral, reverse
Weight 393 kg, 867 lbs
Personnel Capacity maximum of 3

Review by: by Woody:
I have a 2008 SEADOO GTX with $6,000 in repair bills after 75 hrs! The super charger was dealer rebuilt after ceramic washer failure at 20 hrs. Seadoo paid for some of the rebuild, but the tech info from Seadoo says to change the ceramic washer to steel and change the oil twice to wash out the broken ceramic washer pieces.

Seadoo had to know this fix was way short of adequate. The oil drain access is about 1/4 of and inch and the ceramic pieces are MUCH bigger and can't get out of the engine short of a major tear down and thorough cleaning. SEADOO opted to safe themselves lots of money and hide the facts that there would be another failure soon from the broken pieces left in and roaming through the engine, but out of warranty.

I bought a used boat knowing the dealer had made the tech repair per Seadoo specs. However, only Seadoo, it's dealers and those who have already been slammed know a boat repaired on the Seadoo specs is a time bomb.

Interested in joining the class action I want to look at filing?

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