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Introduced in 2005, the Sea Doo RXT is the multi-person version of the supercharged RXP model. It was slightly longer and heavier to accomodate the extra seat, and as a result was slightly slower and more stable.

As evidenced by the reviews below, early versions of the Sea Doo RXT, like the other supercharged models of the time, had a nasty habit of self-destructing a set of ceramic washers in the supercharger unit which could lead to severe engine damage. Later RXT models - 2007 onward - were fitted with metal washers which rectifed the problem. The metal washer fix can be retrofitted to earlier models and is highly recommended.

ENGINE: 1494 cc, 3 cylinder
WEIGHT: 394 kg / 829 lbs

Review by: Anon.

I just bought a 2009 Seadoo RXT. It was brand new and now has 20hrs. The ski was running 70MPH and about 7.700RPM. Last week it lost 1,400 RPM and will now only get 50MPH. The usless dealer said they didnt know what was wrong with it and made out like it was my fault. I am seriously considering the supercharger but would it cause my problem? Ideas please!!

Review by: Chantalle Lavorato

We bought a 2006 Seadoo RXT 3 passenger model. We only had 29 hrs on it and the Supercharger let go, also the Ceramic Washer cracked and fell into the oil system. We did manage to get Bombardier to pay for the Supercharger (therefore having them admit fault, they paid for the part only, not the labour) but it still cost us $2500 to repair. My husband and I are the only ones who rode this machine in freshwater. The guy at the shop could not believe how good of a shape our machine was in. Not a scratch on it. He did tell us that this problem was a common one but usually happens once you've reached between 60 to 100 hrs, this still doesn't make it right. If this is such a common problem with the 2005 and 2006, why is there not a recall on these machines. We are very disappointed with Bombardier.

Review by: Isken K.

Hello everyone,
My wife purchased 2005 RXT Supercharged Sea Doo on May, 2005, after 12 hours of use (July, 2005) the ceramic washers in the super charger turned into powder. Dealer (Coleman Power Sports in Virginia) tried to blame my wife for the failure.

She was told that she caused sea water to go into Supercharger and she had to pay for the repair cost of "$1,800.00" (funny, she never saw the engine, seats were never moved).

I had to fight with the dealer, it took took about 2 months explaining to the service department that water should not go into the intake system and if it did, problem would be Sea Doo's bad design and it should be covered under warranty. They finally repaired the ski free.

Last year the low battery light started flashing and killing the battery. I'm afraid to go to dealers, we have only four Sea Doo dealers around Washington DC area and they all seem useless.

Ski is amazing, dealer(s) service is horrible, specially if the boat is registered under female name!

Isken K.
Wash DC

Review by: Chris Scharf

The 2005 Seadoo RXT Supercharged is by far the fastest and most stable of the 3 seat muscle craft. It is amazing how fast you get to 70 mph.
I have only 2 complaints:

1) The decals used could be of a higher quality.

2) It seems like you need deeper water than most
PWC. It tends to suck debris up into the impeller more often than the yamaha and kawasaki's I have had.

Overall the most fun pwc on the water!!

Review by: Mark Davis

I am having the same problem with the RXT. I already had the impeller replaced, no difference, same problem. Sounds to me like Sea-Doo has some explaining to do. I have already missed half the season.

If anyone has the solution, let us know!!!

Review by: Michael

Just traded in a Yamaha XT Cruiser for the Sea-Doo RXT and have a few comments. Incredible power on the RXT but not so happy with maneuverability under 45mph. The Yamaha will hold crisp and true on the tightest of turns where the RXT slips and slides, one purposely has to 'slip' it into a tight turn or 360.

Also, in a 2' chop the Yamaha XT has great ergonomice for a stand-up full speed run that will knock your socks off. The Sea-Doo RXT is uncomfortable in a similar situation and is just not suited for a 'stand-up' high speed run. It's nose heavy, the handle bar can not be raised and is raked a little aft and not comfortable for any aggressive riding.

Overall I am still undecided and am considering trying the Sea-Doo RXP. Not sure, however, if it will be any different.

I am not at all unhappy with straightline performance but frankly I feel that if Yamaha could replicate that kind of power in their HO Cruiser's, they'd have an incredible machine. Vice-versa for the RXT.

Review by: Richard

It would be nice if Seadoo would step up to the plate and fix the problems with there supercharged 215 models. I find it upsetting that 4 other riders that I know, all have the same problems with the fiber washers on the supercharger. My unit only had 30 hours on it and my other friends had less. Maybe I was lucky!

Review by: Daniel

2006 RXT supercharged. 35hrs and sat out for 2yrs. Got it serviced. It runs fairly good. The original owner said it's supposed to go faster. It only goes up to 47 mph. What could be wrong?

Review by: Anon.

I have been made aware of this problem when I almost got blindsided by the dealer to rebuild the clutches, after they told me why, I got on the phone with sea-doo, and was told that there is nothing they would do, and they havent heard of enough problems to recall the part. I work for a car company and belive this to be b/s, I love this machine but am not willing to pay for a problem that is caused by faulty materials. I think a class action lawsuit should be enough to get them to open up their eyes.

Review by: Frankie Dee

2006 SeaDoo RXT supercharger let go at 80 adult ridden hours, this was the second of 4 seadoos I had purchased and owned, the latest is is RXT-X, and they say there are no ceramic washers in that supercharger, like the earlier 215 RXT. So why doesn't Seadoo do something about this known problem, after all, they replaced the ceramic washers knowing they would not hold up. This is a manufacturer's blunder, but they don't care, this should be a recall, because when the washers fail, the needle bearings under the gear let go, and flow into the engine oil sump polluting the engine... So a rebuild of the supercharger must be complemented by a complete engine removal and motor flush, otherwise those 40 little needle bearings are floating around in the engine, just waiting to find an "invite"! into the oil pump, and blow the piece of crap motor that seadoo has designed.

And yet Seadoo is Bombardiers #1 product, go figure, they suck, period!!!! I am going to buy Kawasaki's or Yamaha's, they stand behind their products, the seadoo 2nd year warranty is bullcrap, its a $50.00 deductible for every time you use it. Seadoo/Bombardier, stay in Canada, and screw your own countrymen, and not the USA!!! SEADOO YOU SUCK!!!!

Review by: Dan Nguyen
I have a 2005 Sea Doo RXT I bought brand new in '05 and I have had nothing but problems with it! 25 hrs into it, The ceramic washers broke and cost me about $400 to fix. It still didn't seem like it ran right after seadoo technicians fixed it. They told me that it needed to be broken in. 10 hrs later still didn't run right. At 35 hrs,It would not go past 50 mph. They told me that it was the supercharger. $2,000 later the supercharger was replaced, again still did not run properly. The oil light kept going on right after they replaced the supercharger, causing the engine to cut off. I kept bringing it back but the Seadoo dealer could not find the problem. They tried to tell me that it was my fault for not winterizing it in a timely manner. I then brought it to a different seadoo dealer to see if I would have better luck. After spending numerous hrs on it, and about $600 more dollars of my money, still not fixed. I tried to fight the charges on it but they would not budge. I still have the unit in my garage and don't really know what to do at this point. I am afraid of spending more of my money for nothing. Can somebody please help me!!!

Review by: Anonymous
You are supposed to rebuild the super charger every 100hrs. You said, you only rode it 20hrs. I don't know what you did to wear it down that quick, but yes it sounds to be the super charger. I think you wore it down.

Review by: Tilly
We own a 2007 RXT. After 20 hours it died on us. We were told it was the timing belt. No parts available for the repair. So much for the summer fun. Returned to us in October just in time to winterize.

Review by: Anonymous
The superchargers on these Seadoo's suck, they will all self destruct in time, a lot sooner then they say.... My son's supercharger also self destructed and the Seadoo dealer would not help at all, the bearings got sucked into the motor which caused internal damage.

Was also told that there using the same superchargers in the 2012 models, good luck if your thinking in buying one of these, it won't last.

I sure hope that BRP builds their jet planes better than this..

I for one will never buy another BRP product..

Review by: Columbia SC
Sea Doo sucks.. period.. They know they had a flaw with the ceramic washers and did nothing, all I would have asked for is a heads up, and at 41 hours prior to the piece of crap blowing up, the 2006 RXT 215 would have been rebuilt with the metal washers, but I had no idea or inclination that a 41 hour machine would blow up because of ceramic washers in the supercharger instead of a metal washer, how much more could it have cost Bombardier to use metal instead of ceramic, $10.00 per machine, but instead, they took the cheap way out, now for the piece of crap dealer.... next, he knew they were problems, yet, didn't say anything about it at the 10 hour service, charged me for the 10 hour bullshit service at $170.00, and then said nothing about the potential washer problem, knowing Bombardier wouldn't! cover the cost for repair of the supercharger, so he figured (the shit head dealer) "Hey I am going to make a kiling on the rebuild in labor and parts when the ceramic washer goes bad, we'll, crap on you dealer..I went somewhere else, and bought new Kawasaki's...yes your doors are still open but for how long can you go through business and life being a scumbag before it catches up to you.. do yourself a favor, stay away from Bombardier, if you can not buy USA products, at least then buy a foreign product that wil stand behind their products, Bombardier will not, they suck!!!!!

Review by: Netsvancouver
I bought my 2009 Seadoo out of the dealer at the beginning of the 2010 season. It was new with 0 hours. I did the manditory break in, servicing, warranty work (impeller was fixed at 25hrs). It's may 2012 I was travelling 85km/hr across the water and heard a pop, sputter, and then a decrease in power to a maximum of 75km/hr. I am assuming the supercharger is shot, I got the machine back to shore and on the trailer. It has 68hrs on it. Mostly from longer distance cruising at moderate pace. Anyone know how to fix them in Ontario?

Review by: Nick
Sea Doo has been understanding your concerns and they have redesigned a rebuild kit to have a life of 200 hours for your supercharger. They changed the OEM washers to metal.

Review by: Anonymous
I bought a used 2000 Sea Doo for my daughter the summer of 2010. It has been at the repair shop for 2 summers. She has maybe rode the thing 3 times. The dealership said he no longer sells or trades in the Sea Doo as it is garbage and has always been garbage. He is hoping to fix it long enough for me to sell it. I do not have a lot of money as my husband is totally disabled (he is in a wheelchair). This was the one luxury for my daughter. What a mistake. The dealership is not going to charge me for this latest repair as he feels sorry for my situation and I have paid over $2,000 for a machine that has yet to see water this year or last year. Every time they fix one thing something else breaks. This is a piece of S*** I will never buy a Sea Doo or a Ski Doo again and tell everyone about this product.

Review by: John Gwyn
I wanted to go jet skiing so I went out and bought a new SeaDoo Wake RXT. I should have returned it the first day. It has been a total piece of crap. The supercharger went out at about 20 hours, it was June 7th put it in the shop (Coleman/Criswell) the next day around September 15 they finally finished it. During the repair I was told it would take 2 weeks, it went on and on I called Seadoo because the shop was saying it was their fault the repair was taking so long to get the parts. It took weeks of trying to get through to customer service, they were useless didn't care at all. Seadoo doesn't stand behind their products, and they suck. Cheap materials that fade, crappy design non existent customer support.

I have owned many jet skis and Seadoo is the worst by far buy a Yamaha or Kawasaki they are in a different class. The guys at the shop swear by Yamaha, they say they come full of water and they drain them change the fuel and they are good to go.

I baby my seadoo and it usually fails to run, 50% of the time I am limping back to the dock. The bottom line is SEADOO SUCKS and you have been warned, I can now laugh at people dumb enough not to heed the warning and buy one anyway. To be fair I have never owned a Yamaha, but I have owned Kawasakis and never had an issue with one NEVER EVER 100s of hours no problem. I let anyone and everyone ride my kawasaki, the only thing that happened was the mat was wearing.

Review by: tonyc
I bought a 2006 rxt new in 2007. I have 196 hours and never a problem. I just purchased another 2006 rxt from friend with 56 hours on it. I just had both superchargers rebuilt. Althought the 196 hour machine definelty needed it, the 56 hour machine was done out of proactive maintenence - thanks to all your blogs.

Review by: jeff coleman
I have a 2006 rxt n the same thing happened to me. my shop stood by me they actually rebuilt my motor 4 times because of equipment defect not shop error. just the cost of boating. sounds like a washer in the supercharger assembly.



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