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SeaDoo RXP

Year 2005
Engine 1494 cc, 3 cylinder
Horsepower 215 hp
Transmission forward, neutral, reverse
Weight 358 kg, 790 lbs
Personnel Capacity maximum of 2

Review by: by Steve Gwensberg
I purchased a 2005 Sea Doo RXP which is the two seat version of the RXT. The ski had 29 hours on and ran perfectly the first time out. I went to put it in the water the next day for a second run and the ski was only running at 6400 rmp. I did some research and found that my supercharger was not working. After speaking with my dealer, I came to find out that Sea Doo has a problem with their stock bushings and they caused my engine to self destruct. Coleman of Woodbridge called Sea Doo and convinced them to pay for the parts, but I was stuck with the $2000 repair bill. Since this is a known problem for Sea Doo, shouldn’t they pay for the mechanics time as well?

Great ski but Sea Doo really needs to man up to their responsibilities.


Review by: by Anon.
Hi all, have just purchased a 2007 Seadoo 215 RXP. Have only used it on fresh water for three hours. My brother borrowed it and drove it without the petrol cap on. Ski filled up with water and won't run. Not that experienced with jet skis so looking for information on what the problem could be, and any solutions would be of great help. Thanks all.


Review by: by -.
Ihave a 2006 Sea Doo RXP with 125 hrs on it.. bought it for 5,500 bucks less than a month ago and its already in the shop. they say its a timing chain which also has to do with compression and the pistons etc. I am not to happy to see the quote i am going to get. I also have not got the ski over 60mph since we have had it. So my guess would be the supercharge is out too. After reading everything about sea doo and how their products have operated... Yamaha will be my next brand of pwc. Please send responses if you have had this problem.

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