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Year 2005 -
Engine 1494 cc, 3 cylinder
Horsepower 155 hp
Transmission forward, neutral, reverse
Weight 390 kg, 860 lbs
Personnel Capacity maximum of 3

Review by: by Tim Peet

Last year I bought a brand new 2005 Seadoo Wake Edition and loved it - had an absolute blast.

Everything seemed to be running great - the machine would do 60 mph @7900 rpm. At the end of the season I took it to the dealer whom I bought it from for the recommended 25 hr. check and oil change prior to winter storage. I had not ridden it again since this scheduled maintenance.

Fast forward to early summer 2006.

I took the boat to the lake and fired it up for the first time since I had the maintenance done.

I immediately notice an irregular rpm, almost as though one of the plugs were misfiring. I chose to allow the engine to warm up for about 2 minutes as I have always done.

Then I gradually gave the engine full throttle, expecting the full 60 mph @7900 rpm. The highest it would go however was 5000 rpm, but then suddenly without warning, would suddenly spike up to 7000 rpm for about 2 seconds, then drop back down to 5000 again.

I allowed this to occur about 4 or 5 times then I shut the engine down completely. Having "some" electronics knowledge, I thought that perhaps for whatever reason, the throttle had forgotten it's reference points, so I decided to try something. After having removed the key, I applied full throttle with one hand, then reinserted the key with the other while still holding the throttle at full.

The engine still ran about as rough (idling between 1500 - 2050 rpm) however this time the rpm spikes had ceased, but now, max. rpm is only 7000 and won't go any higher. A trip back to the dealer produced no results.

They claim that no error codes were found and that the engine is running within all parameters set at the factory and controlled by the onboard computer. They claim that the drop in speed (from 60 to 45 mph) is do to a worn wear ring. I have a problem with their logic for the following reasons:
1) My Seadoo Wake only has 30 hrs on it since new.
2) Nothing had changed from the time I put it in storage to the time I put it on the water for the first time in 2006.
3) Obviously this is a computer or wiring glitch that the built-in diagnostics were not designed to pickup on.


At this point I am wishing I had bought a Waverunner instead .


Review by: by David Elliott

Responding to your bogged down problem with your Sea Doo Wakeboard special I have had several Sea-Doo Jetskis and it sounds like a fuel issue.

Either add octane boost or use premium 92 octane and it should prevent your problem. It will take an hour or so to blow out the old fuel, run it as hard as you would normally.

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