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Yamaha XLT1200

Year 2005
Engine 1157 cc, 3cylinder
Horsepower 155 hp @ 7,000 rpm
Transmission forward, neutral, reverse
Weight 354 kg, 780 lbs
Personnel Capacity maximum of 3

Review by: by Rick Arnett
Well its now late November in 2006 and I have to tell the World that as of all the new FX 4X4 waverunners the good old XLT1200 takes the positive awards in my family. The kids absolutly love taking three people on this boat and go proudly without much effort on 155 horse power, and at 50 + mph I might add. The 4 cyl 4 stroke just aint much fun and the Yamaha GP1300 that is the 3X2 has just the seating capacity to carry me and me only at 170 horse power. Yamaha needs to wake up and sound the alarm. 110 Horse power isn't enough with three people on the FX Tubs, so forget them and get back to the best selling model ever built, the XLT 1200. ALL THE WAY. 3X2 and 155 hp . . . Gets it done every summer. If you find a good pre-owned Yamaha XLT1200 they are worth their weight in gold now.


Review by: by Tony Payne
I own a XLT 1200 2005 proud owner 2 say I've had 69 mph + I've blown middle pot as well known prone to knock out, must say I've had a few new 4 stroke so-called super charged Yams, but even though high maintenance 1200 XLT no contest 2 stroke rules.

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