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AquaStar2 AS2

AquaStar2 AS2

AquaStar2 AS2

AquaStar2 AS2

Entry open
Max Depth 12.2 meters / 40 ft
Top Speed 3.1 mph / 5 km/h
Weight 80 kgs / 160 lbs
Max Personel Capacity 2 including pilot

AquaStar scooters in Florida have developed a pair of recreational submersibles which both offer ease of use and relative affordability when compared with other undersea vessels.

The two-person AquaStar2 AS2 is based on the smaller, single seat Aquastar1 AS1. Both subs share a similar design, but the AS2 has an additional seat and an extended helmet.

The AS2 offers scuba diving-like capabilities, but without certification, no cumbersome attached gear, and no experience required - especially if you're the passenger.

The AquaStar2 AS2 can dive to around 12 meters (40 ft), and achieve a top speed of 3.1 mph (5 km/h). The batteries last around 2 hours, although the air supply will need changing after 1 hour and 10 minutes. If for any reason the electrical system should fail, a backup system - using the compressed air tank - can bring the sub to the surface quickly and safely.

The easy to use handlebars offer control over direction, depth, and speed.

Because the AquaStar AS2 is an open submersible, the pilot and/or passenger can leave the sub, swim around freely to investigate things more closely, and then return to the vehicle for more air.

AquaStar are marketing their scooters mainly at the tourist and resort markets. Although they could be just as easily operated as a personally-owned luxury toy.

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