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U-Boat Works C-Explorer
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U-Boat Works C-Explorer
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Entry dry access top hatch
Max Depth 1000m (C-Explorer 1)
Top Speed -
Weight various - dependent on model
Max Personel various

Based in the Netherlands, U-Boat Worx is a company who specialise in producing small, easily operated submersibles for both private and commercial use. Their C-Quester model is designed primarily for pleasure use and underwater sight seeing, but this, the C-Explorer is intended more as an undersea work horse.

The U-Boat Worx C-Explorer features a completely new design when compared to the original C-Quester model. But underneath they share similar technology and proven systems.

New in the C-Explorer product line is a catamaran-style design that is combined with a fully acrylic pressure hull to result in optimal underwater viewing. The patented floaters are flexible bags encased in a housing that automatically folds in when submerging, thereby creating minimal drag and easy storage in a standard container or on board a ship.

The U-Boat Works C-Explorer will be available in four different models and sizes.

C-Explorer 1 - is a compact, light-weight, one man submersible.
Maximum operating depth: 50 meter (150 ft) to 1000 meter (3300 ft) options
Maximum speed underwater: 3 knots

C-Explorer 2 - is a 2 man submersible which merges the reliability and experience of the C-Quester submersible with an economic, modular, and versatile work-platform for research, exploration, scientific and offshore applications.
Maximum Operating Depth: 300 mtr (1000 ft) or 1000 mtr (3300 ft) options
Maximum speed underwater: 3 knots

C-Explorer 3 - is a three person sub which is versatile enough to help with offshore research, exploration and scientific work.
Maximum Operating Depth: 300 mtr (1000 ft)
Maximum speed underwater: 3 knots

C-Explorer 5 - the C-Explorer 5 is the largest in the range and seats 5 persons. This model offers superior space, visibility and autonomy. It's suitable for for mega yachts, and to explore the depths of the ocean, and also for tourist operators who want to offer their clientele a unique undersea experience.
Maximum Operating Depth: 100 mtr (330 ft)
Maximum underwater speed: 2.5 knots

All versions of the C-Explorer feature a one-atmosphere design. This means there is no pressurized atmosphere inside the cockpit and the occupants do not have to regulate their dive or ascent rate to allow for decompression.

- Germanischer Lloyd Classification
- Outstanding endurance with Lithium-Ion Battery Technology
- Underwater Boat Concept:
- Best-in-Class surface maneuverability and speed
- Unchallenged freeboard
- Unrivaled stability achievement
- No expensive support vessel requirements
- Zero-entanglement Design
- Genuine 1 Atmosphere Dry-Type Submersible
- Low Maintenance - High Pleasure
- Modular design for easy exchange of parts
- Variable Ballast Tank for high precision trimming
- Launch from trailer ramp
- Lifting with hoist or integrated lifting points

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