ASIMO, Honda's humanoid robot

Honda ASIMO robot

ASIMO, standing for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, is Honda's take on robots. He/she/it is a step on the way to designing a robot capable of living, interacting and working with people. ASIMO has the appearance of a child in a space suit, his smaller size, about 120 cm, allows him to interact with people seated at a table and gives him a more likable and less 'intimidating' appearance. After all who wants to be served coffee by a machine that looks like it could snap you in two. One of Honda's predeccessors to ASIMO was 6'2" and 386 lbs!

ASIMO has recently been given the ability to run, something very difficult for robots to do as the computations required to maintain balance are far greater then those required to walk where one foot is always in contact with the ground.

Honda's research into humanoid robots began in 1986, key elements to the development of this robot was the research done regarding intelligence and maneuverability. The first ASIMO robot prototype was unveiled in 2000 and since then many upgrades and improvements have been made. Just some of ASIMO's tricks include; greeting approaching people, following them whilst avoiding objects, moving where indicated (by pointing and looking), going up and down stairs, turning lights on and off, closing doors, recognizing faces and addressing people by name. ASIMO can also recognize his own name when called, and he looks to see when a sudden sound is made.

ASIMO is a great ambassador for Human-Robot relations, helping to further the way for more like him, and travelling the world to show what is really possible. Honda see a time where ASIMO's offspring help the disabled or infirm, tackle dangerous situations like fire-fighting or cleaning up toxic waste, and perform mundane tasks nobody else wants to do. Honda's research into robotics over the last 20 years has yeilded amazing results, and it shows no sign of slowing.

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Honda ASIMO robot

Honda ASIMO robot

Honda ASIMO robot

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