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Nike ONE concept car

The purely conceptual, but nevertheless brilliant Nike ONE concept was designed in conjunction with the revered Polyphony racing game, Gran Turismo 4.

The car's design and concept technology is entirely unique and absolutely stunning. And to complete the package, Nike ONE comes complete with a history - albeit one dreamt up by its creators.

The Nike ONE was designed by Phil Frank and Takuya Asano. Phil Frank, also responsible for the design of the Saleen S7, led the small design team, and kept the concept true to Nike's sporting pedigree. While the shape of Nike One is taught and dynamic, the real genius lies beneath the skin.

Nike ONE future concept car

Nike ONE future concept car wheel

Nike ONE future concept car
The designers wanted to make the car an extension of the future athlete, and as such, control inputs are made through the main muscles of the legs and arms, the Nike ONE requires peak physical perfection for maximum performance. The drivers sits in a laid-out-motorcycle rider position, their feet harnessed into pedal bike like clip-on foot pegs, and their hands are connected to the vehicles CPU via non-invasive bio-ports which allow for a direct man and machine neural interface. This enables the driver to fine tune the control inputs by the power of thought. This is a concept remember.

The fictional 'history' of the Nike ONE's development is a well thought out and thoroughly entertaining story. It begins in 2012 with Nike inventing a 'Spark Suit'.

The Spark Suit was originally designed to provide resistance training to athletes by hindering movement and therefore building muscle and improve coordination. The suit used the wearers energy to provide electrical energy, energy which was initially dissipated in the form of light. Nike engineers soon realised however that this energy could be stored and used later to power electrical systems.

In a slightly implausible, but still clever future vision, the worlds population began to make all their electrical power simply by living more active lives. Obesity and ill health are all but eradicated. In this super-fit future world the Nike ONE steps in as a racing vehicle. Powered by the energy stored from the drivers activity, the Nike ONE is capable of 230 mph. Top drivers of the Nike ONE become revered and famous athletes. To compete at a high level the drivers must train vigorously to power the cars batteries and attain the stamina required to drive this 230 mph gym.

The Nike ONE driver, seated on a Nike SHOX suspension seat, is assisted with a heads-up display showing race line tracking, energy reserves, and vital information. The teardrop-like glass is NikeMax Optics Smart Glass with the ability to change color for optimal contrast and clarity. The hub-less wheels with in-wheel motors and variable profile tires are attached to carbon fibre and titanium weave suspension and frame components.

"You don't just drive this vehicle, you are a part of it," explains Phil Frank.

This is what a concept car should be.

Make Nike
Model ONE
Concept Year 2005
Engine / Drivetrain Human/Electric hybrid

Image Gallery

Nike ONE future concept car sketches

Nike ONE future concept car open
Nike ONE future concept car rear

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